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BURGER GANG OR DIE and Edwin present an evening of burgers and booze…

7-11pm, 23rd August – Edwin Store London

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Beers & Biff Tannens supplied by Professor Green’s Remedy and Hoxton Gin.

Burgers by Red Dog Saloon.

Music provided by The Last Skeptik.

Merrywell - South Bank - Melbourne - 8/10 

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about the Merrywell for the past couple of weeks, so on Sunday I decided to go check it out with some Melbourne based BURGERGANG substitutes, and I was pleasantly surprised.

I hadn’t really done my research into the place, and everyone I’ve spoken to has described it as a pub, so that’s what I was expecting, a Melbourne city center pub, not an American style diner. It had hints to its American inspiration without going as far as being themed. Which I really respected them for. Picking and choosing the best bits without making it a gimmick. The overall atmosphere of the place was great. We grabbed a little table in their covered outdoor area, overlooking the South Bank.

The Menu was full, but not over complicated. As it was my first trip I decided to go for their ‘Merrywell’ burger. Intrigued to taste their ‘special’ sauce…..

But first was my Merrywell Spider. Root beer, ice cream and I asked for bourbon instead of vodka. If you’ve not tried one. Do it! NOW!  I wouldn’t advise drinking more than two though, they can get a bit sickly.

Boozy, creamy, fizzy goodness, with a cherry on top for good measure! A perfect intro to any meaty burgery meal.

Now! for the burger:

Arriving wrapped up, the suspense mounted. Like a child unwrapping a Christmas present I found this :

YES! It does taste as good as it looks. A hot gooey concoction of cheese, fried onions and their special sauce covered everything inside the bun. My only criticism on their burger is that it was slightly over cooked, not the ‘Pink & Juicy’ their menu states. It was a huge thick stab of meat though, with great flavour. A small touch of crisp salad and pickled at just the right balance, Inside a large fluffy bun. Which was nice, not toasted brioche, not packaged sesame seed buns, but a Northern English bap. Which did a good job of holding its own standing up to the gooey cheese and beef juice combo.

The loaded fries were neither here nor there. The chilli was okay but the shoe string fries weren’t the best. A definite lack of cheese didn’t help them.

But the onion rings made up for them, large, crispy and delicious. Especially when dipped in the buffalo sauce (thanks for sharing Jade).

Overall the food was good, and the burger, as it should, stood out to me as their clear winner. Everyone on the table was full and happy. Conveniently located next to the Crown Casino, it would have been rude to have not gone in for a little flutter.

That was my first trip to the Merrywell and won’t be my last. I’ll be back soon to try the ribs on their upstairs menu. See you soon Merrywell!

Edwin X BurgerGang custom cut @EDWINeurope

Here is an Exclusive look at a special, one off, custom piece the good folks at EDWIN made for BURGERGANG General Lewis.


As firm lovers of fashion as well as Burgers, the gang have always repped Edwin jeans since day one. They heard about Lewis’ problems finding clothes to fit due to his giant sized frame. With a little help from our favourite Kosher burger buddy Ben at Sane Communications  they created this beautiful cut with customisation by Nico at ornamental conifer

Thank you to all the parties involved in this special piece. We’ll get some pictures of Lewis wearing it up on the blog very soon.


Kodiak Club - Brunswick St Melbourne - 6/10 

I’ve been to the Kodiak Club a few time to sample their famous Chicken Wangz. Which are unfuckwithable. However I thought it was about time to try out their burger. A couple of Sundays ago, on a wet wet Melbourne winters evening, me and #SALADGANG decided to venture up to Brunswick street for some food.

We thought that the weather would put people off going out but Kodiak was packed and we struggled to find seats. It was National Canada day, and the bar had all kinds of special cocktails and food on the menu, however I’d gone to try the burger, so try the burger I did.

The Service in there was painfully slow, with the bar staff more concerned with doing shots with their friends than serving other customers. That night was particularly bad service, and I’ve had very up and down service in the past.  Although they were very busy with every table full, the food still took an exceptional amount of time, and all coming out at different times. SaladGang had finished her bowl of Delta Blues Gumbo before my burger or our wings arrived.

However, the bar was packed, it was a great atmosphere that we were enjoying, and will keep going back to. For that and THE WINGS. The wings are probably the best chicken wings I have ever tasted. Cooked to perfection, with an unbeatable sauce. UNFUCKWITHABLE!

Teamed up with incredible onion rings. This is the winning combination to the Kodiak’s menu. If you go here, don’t stray from this. EVER.

Now back to the burger, after all this IS a burger gang. At $17 it is by no means a cheap burger. Plus waiting nearly an hour for it…… It came.

By all accounts it looked like a good burger. But it was lacking love. Their menu describes it as “Two grass fed beef patties, American cheese, dill pickles, onions and Buffalo Trace bourbon mayo on a sesame seed bun” but it could just as well have been a McDonalds quarter pounder. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE quarter pounders, but there is no way I would pay $17 for one, or wait anywhere close to an hour.

I think the deciding factor was the lack of juice. The patties were dry, and there was very little sauce on the burger. I didn’t need a single napkin to wipe my hands afterwards. A very bad sign.

I got around this by getting some extra wing sauce, and dipping the burger in for each bite.

Overall the burger was average, if not below, but the wings and the atmosphere saved it. I’m sure we’ll go back to Kodiak club again, but next time we’ll just stick to the Wings.


So the #BURGERGANG blog has been a little neglected the past month or so. Half of the gang are enjoying a well earned break in Ibiza, and the other half are too busy eating burgers to be writing about them. But fear not, the beef is still being ingested by the ton.

Last month was my first birthday as an Ex-pat and in true burger gang brotherhood style, the other guys surprised me with some new patches for my cut and instead of a card, they came in a Meat Market bag, with a little message from all of them.

What can I say fellas apart from EFIL4DOGB. Much Love, Nick.

The Aviary (@theaviarybar) - Melbourne - 8/10

On a Monday night, The Aviary on Victoria Street do a pretty amazing deal. $12 for their burger and a pot of beer.  As an Ex-Pat I’m pretty adverse to drinking ‘pots’ which are essentially just half pints. But in this instance I will make an exception.

The burger alone usually goes for around $25 so $12 including a drink is worth venturing out on a wet Melbourne winter evening for. The large wagu patty was beautifully cooked and juicy. Sat on a bed of really crisp lettuce, which had a coleslaw crunch to it.


The bun was nicely toasted and squishy, with a slight glaze. The stand out winner was the combination of the grilled onions and the bacon jam. I’m going to be honest. I don’t really know what bacon jam is, but I know it tastes amazing. A slightly sweet caramelised taste complimented the meat and the crispness of the pickles.

Never not reppin’ B.G.O.D

Steph took the more ladylike approach and cut her burger in two.

Tonight was my first time to the Aviary, and it certainly won’t be the last. Their burgers were worth every penny if not more, and their menu, with items including ‘Slow cooked beef cheek with cauliflower cream, onion rings & horseradish’ is already getting my meaty juices flowing…..

B.G.O.D. head West: Lucky 7 Diner.

Now that 50% of Burger Gang are living in West London we thought it was high time to test some local burger joints to see what’s up Westside.

First up, Tom Conran’s Lucky Seven Diner. This spot has been around for a while now and is a no-nonsense American diner. Tiny little place too: 6 booths if I remember rightly. Eclectic stoner-rock posters on the walls and a menu that won’t surprise or disappoint.

Lewis on the left, newly patched in B.G.O.D. soldier Simon on the right and all-round good egg / Peter Sutcliffe lookalike Nico in the middle.

Now those of you who know about Burger Gang will realize that I’m not here to review the burgers. They were very good, slightly over-cooked patties perchance, but a very, very good meal.

A big thumbs up from the Yorkshire Ripper / Carlito Brigante.

So, good burgers aside, why was Lucky Seven such a special night? Well personally after the nifty decor, cold beers and all round pleasant ambiance, I’d put it all down to this lady called Holly…

And I think a lot of burger establishments can learn from this (especially you Tom at Red Dog). Holly was quite possibly the best waitress I’ve ever encountered. She knew what she was talking about, she saved us money by advising us to customize cheaper burgers with extras rather than opt for the big name pricey burgers, she smiled throughout and she made us feel special, even calling us ‘heroes’ at one point. I have a theory on why we fall in love with waitresses and I think it goes back to childhood. A woman who brings us food when we are tired and hungry will always trigger something maternal in our brains. If that woman is as happy and loving as Holly then our hearts warm as we recall those perfect evenings after school when our mother laid down our favourite meal, patted our head and ventured back to her domestic bliss. On the other hand, when the waitresses at other restaurants sneer and make you feel they’re doing you a massive fucking favour just looking at you, then we get nervous and our world goes grey and cold as we remember mother’s mental breakdown, the eggs hitting the walls and the day she threw the Habitat breadboard through the windscreen of Daddy’s 7 series.

In Quantum of Solace Bond listens to the story of a man named Masters who falls in love with an air hostess: ‘She told him that the sweet was particularly good - a rich layer cake. In short she made a fuss of him, and Masters couldn’t remember when it had ever happened before, even when his mother had looked after him as a child.’ Shortly after this, they’re married. The fact she ultimately destroys him is irrelevant; she brings him food with a smile, and he falls in love.

I’ll go out on a limb here and should add that I know nothing of biology but I suspect this all comes down to Oxytocin, undoubtedly Nature’s finest drug. This stuff is rather hard to come by, you either have to give birth, feed from your mother’s breast or find a partner and enjoy a mutual orgasm; it is a drug that creates warmth, bonding and ultimately love.

I kid you not, when the four of us left Lucky Seven that night, there was a fair amount of oxytocin coursing through our veins. All thanks to Holly and her smile.

Lucky 7, 127 Westbourne Park Road, London, W2 5QL

0207-727-6771 Call them up, make sure Holly’s serving, then order the chilli. It’s banging.

A juicy Theo burger from @HuxtaBurger

Daneli’s Deli - Melbourne - Daneli’s Pastrami Burger - 7.5/10 

The Melbourne chapter of BurgerGang headed out to Balaclava, the Jewish suburb just outside St. Kilda to try Daneli’s pastrami topped burger, and we weren’t disappointed.

As you’d expect from a Jewish deli the clear stand out ingredients were the pastrami and the pickles, with the home made deli sauce not far behind. The patty was average, but the overall dining was uplifted by the amazing flavour of the pastrami. I had extra BBQ sauce on mine (as you can tell from the picture) which added a great smokey taste.

I’m definitely going to catch the train back to Daneli’s but probably to try their Reuben sandwich next! 

Bar Music Hall - London - BBQ Bacon Cheese Burger - 6.5/10 

If you’re after a good lunch time burger in Shoreditch that doesn’t break the bank head down to Bar Music Hall for their £5 lunch deal. The burgers are average, but for £5 it’s hard to go wrong.

Here is O.G. BurgerGang member Rufus tucking into one, and his face doesn’t look anything but happy…….